Elementary School

PCA Elementary School = Energy and Excitement! It fills our hallways and classrooms.  Teachers know every child in a personal way.  Our basic curriculum includes a balanced approach to reading, problem solving activities with Everyday Math experiences, hands on Science instruction, writing skill instruction across each discipline, and Social Studies experiences.  Classes are taught with developmental expectations in mind, and social skills are integrated into the curriculum every day. Our mission is to teach our children to serve others through knowledge and character development.  Each child here at PCA is a masterpiece in progress.  Every child is special and has a unique place in our school family.

Elementary School is a unique opportunity for each child to discover his or her voice, talents and passions. Small classes, dedicated teachers and trained specialists encourage a culture of enthusiasm, energy and creativity. While each morning begins with the student-run daily devotional, the days are varied with a blending of core classes and specials. Daily recess allows opportunities for student to unwind and spend time with classmates.